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While on vacation in Ireland, our family marveled at the carved rock art surrounding the ancient earth mound monuments at Knowth and Newgrange. We learned that these structures, built in about 3200 BC, during the Neolithic period, were older than Stonehenge and the Eqyptian Pyramids.  "Kerbstones" engraved with artwork endured over thousands of years. The abstract spiral and celestial designs remain a mystery and are open to interpretation among period experts and tourists.  


During the visit, we wondered; what did those geometric designs mean? Were they pictures capturing a point in time or expressing ideas popular at the time? We thought about the memories we try to hang on to, every time we shoot photographs or videos and the thousands of photos which live in our albums, boxes and computers. How can we help make memories last? Rescuing photos which may otherwise be left behind, honors our ancestors and connects the past with the next generations.  Video memoirs help bridge the gap between mystery photos and those who are still in our circles and are willing to fill in the missing pieces.  It creates a dialogue among family and friends.  The ancient rock art designs resonated with us, inspiring our Rockumemories logo design.

We realized that it was time to make sense of our own most precious memories, especially the ones from one and two generations ago, to which we still have access, thanks to our parents.  Every day, we are taking more photos with cameras that are now conveniently on our smart phones and tablets.  It is a challenge not to get wiped out by the tidal wave of images that keep coming.  We must not forget those memories in storage.  They are our link to the past.  

Join us.  As we tackle our compounding photo projects, we are happy to assist you in organizing yours. Highlight special occasions like milestones, anniversaries, retirements and family reunions.  Showcase the members of your family tree through a who's who type of slideshow or video montage. Even if some loved ones have passed, they can still have a voice. Stories of their glory years that were passed down to other family members can still be shared.  Your creative options are endless.  


We are happy to help you reinvigorate the memories and pass your family's legacy to future generations.

Armi & Jonathan Rowe
Co-Founders, Rockumemories