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Video Memoir Services

Video Memoir Projects

Looking for a unique gift for a loved one celebrating a milestone? 

We can assist with the production of video presentations for events such as that special birthday, graduation, anniversary, retirement or reunion. Or, capture specific life stages as you organize your digital albums. You will be able to watch your slideshows or personal documentaries on TV or projector screen for all to enjoy!

Video memoirs are also a fast alternative to traditional forms of albums and scrapbooks. The beauty is that you or graphic text you insert into project can act as the narrator as viewers are taken through the organized memories.

MileStone Movie - Create MileStone Movies for various themes, such as a Baby Book, The School Years, Life Before Marriage and the Kids, Our Digital Family is the limit!  Be as creative as you would have been as a traditional scrapbooker but embrace the ease and benefits of today's technology.  Be a creative gift giver as well -- this is the perfect personalized gift to give someone who doesn't want more stuff.  Remind him or her of their "glory years."  Digital scrapbooks or slideshows set to music in video format are a great way to celebrate milestone occasions.  Include up to 120 images, consisting of photos as well as scrapbook documents such as school art, award certificates and so on.  Includes one DVD of movie file with custom art. 

Cost: $50 Additional images may be added at frequency scan rate.  Additional copies of movie DVD may be purchased for $5.00 each.

Digital Video Albums - We can set up to 400 digital images to music and format as Data DVD-ROM (UDF) or DVD-Video on DVD-R discs for you, so that you may organize and archive memories highlighting various events (such as family vacations, dance recitals, sports seasons), or share, your digital albums with friends and family.  Cost: $25  

Additional copies of digital album DVDs may be purchased for $5.00 each.

The Family Enthusiast - Take your video memoir project to the next level and weave in live video footage of interviews we can help you record, right in Rockumemories’ Green Screen Room (see Additional Rockumemories Services below).  Capture family members’ voice, personality and recollections of family history.  Record up to 12 five-minute interviews in one hour (one or more interview subjects, depending on the topic or project theme).  Or, this may include excerpts of your existing video archival footage, which can be trimmed and incorporated into the project.  Weave edited video footage with music, themed subtitles and other images in production up to 30 minutes in length.  Includes  up to 12 DVD copies.  

Project Cost: $300 Ideal as a joint family or friends purchase when reuniting for reunions, retirements, etc.…a unique time capsule keepsake for all to cherish.  Additional copies of digital album DVDs may be purchased for $5.00 each.

Estimates provided for custom memoir projects beyond or below these parameters.