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Home Movie Transfer Services

Video Transfer to DVD or other Media/Devices 

Enjoy viewing photos and video footage from past celebrations and relive them again, with family and friends.  We are able to transfer from various video formats, including VHS, VHSC, MiniDV and Hi8 video footage to DVD or Blu-ray discs. This is a fun way to "time travel" with younger generations. What did Dad sound like performing in his high school musical? How about that incredible footage of the blizzard that shut down the big city for several days? What did Grandma and Grandpa look like at their wedding in their twenties? Rediscovering family history memories together can be meaningful, highly informative and possibly even more entertaining than what's showing on TV!  


Transfer to DVD or External Hard Drive

Transfer of video up to 2 hours  (capacity is 4.7 GB) to standard DVD are $10.00 each. (Addtl $5.00 for 2nd DVD to accommodate additional data). Multiple purchase discount: Transfer 9, get the 10th FREE.  Transfer 5, get the 6th at 25% off.  Each transfer includes the first DVD.  Or, you could opt to forego DVDs and have us transfer your entire home movie collection directly to your external hard drive for playback on computers connected via HDMI cable to your Smart TV.  DVD copies of the video production are $5.00 each.

Transfer to Blu-Ray Disc

Transfer of standard definition video up to 11 hours (capacity is 25 GB) to Blu-ray disc for $50.  Blu-ray copies of the blu-ray disc containing multiple video files are $20 each.

*Special Note: We all like to share our cherished videos, but sometimes those productions are not ours to copy.  Rockumemories respects copyrights.  We will help you to understand how copyright rules affect our ability to reproduce those memories.

Film Transfer to DVD or other Media/Devices 

We are also able to transfer home movies from 8mm and Super 8 film formats.  We charge 30 cents per foot and offer volume discounts for longer film reels.  

3" (50 ft or 2-3 minute reels)   = $15.95

5" (200 ft or 12-14 min. reels) = $29.95

7" (400 ft or 26-29 min. reels) = $49.95

Depending on how many reels you bring us and their length, you may fit up to 120 minutes of video on one DVD, which is included in the transfer rate.  You may decide to have us add audio to the production.  We can discuss the video storyboard to plan the mood of your desired soundtrack and the sequence of your movie footage.  You may also opt to add title pages, transitions and subtitles.  We are happy to provide you with video editing estimates during your video production planning.