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High Volume Scanning Services

Photos, Slides & Negative Film Scanning

We can efficiently scan hundreds of photos to help set up an electronic photo archive so you can organize photos by date, event or milestone. Now they are ready to share in digital format. Digital copies of your favorite moments can be placed on your USB flash drive or e-mailed or posted to sharing networks for family and friends to view. Or, these digital photos may be incorporated into digital photo projects.  Incorporate additional keepsake documents for an even more personal touch, such as children's sketches, poetry, awards and other memorabilia.

PHOTO SCAN RATES                                                         

Up to 100 Scans    $0.25     100 @ $25

101 to 250              $0.18     250 @ $45

251 to 350              $0.14     350 @ $50

501 to 1,000           $0.10     1,000 @ $100

Frequent scanner points may be earned.

Rates reflect scans at 300 dpi, which are more than adequate for photos originally shot at high resolution.  Photos must be wallet to 8x10 inches in size, and unbent, unmounted and untorn for these rates to apply.  Higher resolution scans are possible at a $0.25 surcharge.  Oversize photos up to 8x14 inches at $0.50 surcharge.  All pricing includes standard auto retouching.  Custom photo enhancement charges may apply. Upload to your USB thumb drive or network sharing site at no extra charge.  Photo data discs $1.00 each.  Or, consider a MileStone Movie (see Video Memoir page). 

*Special Note: We all like to share our cherished photographs, but sometimes those images are not ours to copy.  Rockumemories respects copyrights.  We will help you to understand how copyright rules affect our ability to reproduce those memories.


Up to 100 Scans               $0.49     100 @ $49

101 to 500 Scans              $0.35     500 @ $175

501 to 1,000 Scans           $0.29     1,000 @ $290

Rates reflect scans of 35mm slides in plastic or cardboard mounts or 35mm negatives, up to 3200 dpi (up to 13 megapixels).  Higher resolution scans are possible at a surcharge.  For reference, 2700 dpi is approximately 10 megapixels and 4800 dpi is greater than 20 megapixels.  

Plan & Scan Workshop Sessions

Need extra inspiration or that gentle push to get you started with organizing your boxes of photos?  Bring them to our Rockumemories Studio's conference area for a Plan & Scan Workshop Session.  For a sitting fee of $10.00 per hour, we can assist you with a sorting strategy and storyboarding so you can plan your digital album or video memoir project. Once you have a plan, we will scan all we can for you in that timeframe, and then scan the rest at a special rate of $0.10 per scan.

Bring a friend or a group with you, and either bring your own snacks and refreshments or we can provide that for you.  Give us a call to make an appointment and we'll schedule a daytime or evening session for you.