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We want to help you rock your memories, to reinvigorate them and make them resonate and last, like precious stones.

If you are like millions of people, you have probably helped accumulate a portion of over 3.8 trillion photos already taken by mankind. Are many of your older photo prints still hiding in envelopes and photo boxes in the attic? Do you have stacks of VHS tapes stashed in the basement? What meaningful conversations and stories can be shared by putting those images back into circulation among family and friends?

Let's excavate those prints and home movies, get them out of hiding and adapt them to the digital age. Family history was meant to be repeated. We can share stories to connect the generations and start the conversation today.

You captured the memories.  We can help you make sense of it all.  Not every photo or video needs to be saved.  It is more productive to organize and highlight the most compelling moments worth sharing.  It is all about identifying the story and then weaving together and editing the pieces (still photos, audio, video) so that the project is manageable, realistic and dynamic.  You can be the director of your own video memoirs.  

We have the time and resources to help you quickly scan and organize photos and slides which may have been in storage for a long time. Let's gather all those long lost prints hidden in photo boxes and plastic bins all over the house, put them in some kind of order, and scan to preserve them or enjoy them as part of a digital album or video memoir project.

It is wonderful to pass stories down to the next generation. Photos are the best prompt for such a conversation. Upgrading to digital forms of scrapbooking and new memory viewing formats like a Video Memoir allow us to weave family history together through a mix of photos, music and live video interviews, so future generations may learn a bit of family history.

Do you have beautiful memories that are trapped in old technology that need to be rescued?  If you no longer have a working VCR, Hi8/8mm video cassette/MiniDV videocam or 8mm/Super 8 projector, we can assist in the transfer of videos from your wedding, those recitals, concerts and family vacations, which were originally recorded on VHS tapes or digital mini tapes, to DVDs or Blu-ray discs, or set up a digital video library to play on your smart TV!